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A New Album – Quiet Rhythms Book 1

January 23, 2022

When I think of an ideal pianist to play my music, it is someone like Nicolas Horvath. He possesses phenomenal technique and stamina combined with a profound curiosity and intellect. From his marathon concerts of Satie and Glass, to a myriad of contemporary composers, I would describe his performances and many recordings with words of joy, beauty and wonder.

I feel very fortunate that Nicolas chose to record all 11 pieces from Book I for this disc. It is the first time they have all appeared together on one album. Also, several of the tracks are premiere recordings. They are stunning interpretations that for me fluctuate between spiritual reflection, contemplation and astonishment.

In his inimitable way of dedicating himself to a composer’s work, Nicolas plans to record Books II, III, and IV in the near future.

As with this album, his deep exploration of Quiet Rhythms is bound to offer gifts and insights into these pieces that are both unexpected, powerful and sublime. A project of this magnitude is rarely undertaken and it reveals Nicolas as a bold and fearless performer.

Quiet Rhythms Book I releases March 20, 2022